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Coming Soon - the 2018 Course list!

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Basic Woodworking
November 9 -  December 21
(No class on Thanksgiving - November 23)
Thursdays 6-9
Tuition: $250 
Materials: $95 (Paid to instructor on the first night of class)
There may be openings in this class, call if interested... 702-631-1870.


Basic Woodworking  
November 14  December 19
Tuesdays 6-9
Tuition: $254 
Materials: $95 (Paid to instructor on the first night of class)
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This course is full


Instant Gratification Woodworking 
November 13 - December 18 
Mondays 6-9
Tuition: $254 
Materials: $100 (Paid to instructor on the first night of class)
This course is full


Coming Soon - the 2018 Course list!


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Without you - the curious, creative mind, the school wouldn't have the success that is has achieved. Over the years, thousands of people have taken classes and gone on to do big things with their woodworking - opening small businesses, obtaining jobs in the woodworking field, or simply making beautiful pieces for their own home. Whatever your motivation and skill level, know this - you can achieve quick and rewarding results by taking a class with us.

So... here is the tentative 2017 schedule. THESE CLASSES ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR RESISTRATION YET, but should be open around mid-November. When they are posted, there will be links here to take you to the registration sites. 

 (That's Frequently Asked Questions, in case you didn't know that)....

  • Almost all classes a six sessions long; we meet once a week for six weeks. The tuition is $250 for roughly 20 hours of instruction. Materials and supplies are extra, and depend on the class in which you are enrolled. For example, the materials for the Basic Woodworking class are $95. A Tablemaking or BookCase class supply fee might run around $40-50 for things like adhesives, sandpaper, fasteners, hardware, finishes, and so on, but students would be expected to supply their own lumber.
  • Classes start roughly every other month. That's due to the length of the classes (usually six weeks) and that the woodshop and tools need maintenance, cleaning and set-up for the upcoming session.  
  • Classes are deliberately kept small, so that each student receives the attention that he or she deserves. That means that these classes can be difficult to enroll in. If you see an opening in a class, and you're serious about taking it - you might want to enroll sooner than later. It sometimes takes months to get into a class you want to take. 
  • Everyone must take the Basic Woodworking course in order to work at the school. (It is the pre-requsiste course for everything we offer.) It serves much as a safety course and a woodshop orientation course, critical for knowing where everything is located in our shop, and for learning how to check each tool for proper set-up and usage.) Once you've completed that class, you're free to rent time on the weekends during Open Shop Saturdays, where you have full access to the complete line of equipment, including planers, table and panel saws, jointers, and a nice assortment of Festool tools. You'll also receive mentorship and guidance for the projects in which you are building. 

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Course Descriptions

Interested in a woodworking class?

Click on this link to read a recent article that was written about the school! 

And this one, too!

Over the years, I've taught classes in everything from Making Adirondack Chairs to Tablemaking. Each one of these courses is designed to do two things - teach you the fundamentals to make the piece, and allow you to personalize it to fit into your home. Generally, no two people in any given class build the exact piece, as all of our homes and decors are different. Why would you want a bookcase that looks like every one else is building in your class? Personalizing your projects is the best way to make them your own, and to develop your style.

Here are a few course descriptions and some pertinent information you'll need about the school.

Basic Woodworking

Students will learn how to set up, use, and maintain all major woodworking tools during this six session course. Included is hands-on instruction with the table saw, jointer, planer, drill press, band saw, and much more. 

Classes meet in a well-equipped woodshop, featuring three SawStop table saws, two jointers, two planers, four stationary sanders, and much more. Participants will complete three projects designed to teach practical usage of all of the tools. 

Upon completion, graduates will feel confident enough to not only use all of these tools, but to make wise purchases of their own tools.

 And - these are great projects, not boring pieces that will end up hidden in a drawer in your home! With this class under your belt, you'll feel confident enough to not only use all of these tools, but make wise purchases for setting up your own woodshop.

Intermediate Woodworking

Becoming a good woodworker isn't about taking a course and learning to assemble things. It is about 
developing skills to match the pieces you envision. This course will allow you to add to your woodworking bag of tricks - teaching you some new joinery and skills that will dress up your future projects. 

These include cutting compound miter joints 

(and making a very special project with what you learn!), 

machining finger joints, mortise and tenon joinery, making drawers and doors, and much more. We'll complete a few simple projects designed to help you practice you newly learned skills. 

Basic Woodworking is a prerequisite to this class. This is an excellent follow-up course to Basic Woodworking, and highly recommended.


This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to design, build and assemble a basic table.

You'll learn the proper method for making a tabletop, as well as mortise and tenon joinery for attaching the legs to the aprons.

This class features a four legged table (with tapered legs, if desired), 

and each student can personalize their table with custom sizes and added features. This is a TERRIFIC class for learning the basics of furniture!

Basic Woodworking is a prerequisite to this class. 

Cutting Boards!

If you thought your first cutting board project was cool - wait until you see what this class will teach you! 

Students will learn advanced cutting board techniques, including end grain boards, confetti boards, sculptural boards, and more. 

Basic Woodworking is a prerequisite to this class. 

Making an Adirondack Chair 

Once you've relaxed in one of these chairs, you'll understand their popularity! We'll be building a classic Adirondack chair for your home, learning many new woodworking techniques (and using some different tools!) along the way. This classic chair design is both comfortable and gorgeous, and is sure to become the most coveted chair in your back yard!

Students can choose the wood they use, as well as the finish they want to apply. 

Traditionally, these are built using softwoods and are painted white. But - building this chair in a gorgeous hardwood allows it to become a piece of art within your home. This is a terrific class for refining your woodworking skills!

Basic Woodworking is a prerequisite to this class. 

Making a Book Case

Can you ever have too many bookcases in your home? This course allows you to design and build one that will fit in your home, both dimensionally and styled to match your decor. 

Come up with your own design, or I can help with some of the plans I have. You'll learn everything about building bookcases, including standard dimensions, drilling adjustable shelf holes, information about shelf spans, to avoid sagging, and much more.

Basic Woodworking is a prerequisite to this class. 

Making a Child's Rocking Chair

This chair is sure to become a family heirloom, and can be customized in a variety of ways to fit your tastes and woodworking skills. Build it from the wood of your choice, and inlay or carve the child's name on the back rail. 

Some students have built his design without the rockers and made it a special "time out" chair, or even turned it into a small dining chair and built a table to match it.

Basic Woodworking is a prerequisite to this class. 

Instant Gratification Woodworking

Looking to build some simple projects that won't bog you down with how long they take? 

This course features six nights of simple one or two night projects, perfect for practicing your new woodworking skills. 

In the past, we've made projects for both your home and office, 

and this class is really great around the holidays, when you're looking to make small gifts for family and friends. 

Six weeks = a multitude of woodworking gifts!

Basic Woodworking is a prerequisite to this class. 

Making a Workbench

Everyone needs a decent surface on which to work at home. 

(This view is without the top attached)

This course allows everyone to build a very nice workbench, customized to fit your space. Some of the features you can add-on include drawers underneath, a vice for holding your work, and a tool trough. The base and the top can be kept separate for ease of transporting your bench home.

Basic Woodworking is a prerequisite to this class. 

Adirondack Thrones

This classic chair design is both comfortable and gorgeous, and I have two different designs, guaranteed to blow you away! Most students choose to build these in more affordable softwoods, and paint them in the traditional white color. But building this chair in a gorgeous hardwood allows it to become a piece of art within your home. 

Cool Things for Your Home!

Tired of buying home accessories at Target, and having pieces that half of America also own? You'll make a variety of very nice pieces, including lamps, mirrors, small trash cans, and more in this class. You'll never want to go shopping again, unless it's at the lumberyard, to buy more wood to make more of these projects for your friends and family.

Making Tiled Tables and Mosaics

Come to class with some designs in mind and you'll be well on your way to making your first tiled piece. We'll be working with cement board and ceramic tile, so start your search now for the perfect pieces. If all goes according to plan, I'll be adding a kiln and slab roller in 2012, and will be offering tile making classes at the shop.

These are just a few of the many classes I've taught, and I'm always looking for new ideas and plans. Please feel free to make suggestions for new classes! Or contact me if you have any questions:

Call the school (702.631.1870) with any questions, or to register for a class.