Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Here's the 2018 schedule!

Want to build stuff? 

From furniture to home accessories, we do it all! Sign up for a Basic Woodworking course and get started on your woodworking journey. 

This could be the coolest thing you do all year. 

Here are the classes offered through CSN's Continuing Ed Department. 

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Drawers and Doors
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Basic Woodworking
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Basic Woodworking


Basic Woodworking07/17/18279.00

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Here are the classes offered through UNLV's Continuing Ed Department. 


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Woodworking I
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Woodworking I
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Learn how to set up, use, and maintain all major woodworking tools including the table saw, jointer, planer, drill press, band saw, and a variety of stationary sanders. Classes meet in a well-equipped woodshop, featuring three SawStop table saws, two jointers, two planers, and much more. Participants complete three projects designed to teach practical use of the tools. Upon completion, feel confident enough to not only use all of these tools, but to make wise purchases of your own tools. Due to safety instruction, participation in the first session is required for students to continue with the course. Students will need to pay $120 for materials at the first class session. 

Spoon Carving

Join the spoon carving craze. Carve spoons by hand using tools including drawknives, spokeshaves, carving knives, hook knives, and carving gouges. This class is a great introduction to using carving tools and getting the feel of working with wood. Through making your spoon, we will focus on carving techniques that will allow you to carve safely with confidence, as well as basic tool sharpening and food-safe wood finishing. We will even make our own beeswax-based finish, and carvers will take home a container to use on their future spoon creations. No prerequisite. Absolute beginners are very welcome. All tools and materials will be provided with the supply fee. Students will need to pay $40 for materials at the first class session.


Time to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom? Join us for a quick three-class session where youll learn to make two drawers and one door, making a remodeling job in your home a breeze. Well cover materials, techniques, and current kitchen trends in hardware to simplify your remodeling dilemma. Material/Supply fee to be paid to the instructor on the first night of class. Basic Woodworking is a prerequisite to this class.

 Tuition $149     A $65 materials fee is payable to the instructor on the first day. 


Need a dining room table? Coffee table? End tables? This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to design, build and assemble a sturdy table for your home or workspace. Students will learn the proper method for laminating a tabletop, as well as mortise and tenon joinery or more contemporary methods for attaching the legs to the aprons. We'll cover leg tapering, apron details, and much more while you create your next family heirloom! Students are responsible for bringing in their own lumber, and can call the instructor for advice on quantities or species. Basic Woodworking is a prerequisite to this class.  

Tuition: $279  A $50 materials fee is payable to the instructor on the first day.  Prerequisite: Woodworking I

Dining Room Chair Design

‘’’Design and build your own dining room chair prototype based on your decor, comfort, needs, and style. The prototype process offers an opportunity to experiment with various design components such as joinery, seat styles, stretcher layout, and more. The prototype can then be used as a pattern for building a set of chairs. If you have looked at price tags on dining room chairs lately, you will welcome this chance to build your own at a fraction of the cost. 

Students will need to pay $100 for materials at the first class session.
 Prerequisite: Woodworking I

Making an Adirondack Chair

Once you've relaxed in one of these chairs, you'll understand their popularity! We'll be building a classic Adirondack chair for your home, learning many new woodworking techniques (and using some different tools!) along the way. This classic chair design is both comfortable and gorgeous, and is sure to become the most coveted chair in your back yard!
Students will need purchase their own wood, as well as the finish they want to apply. Traditionally, these are built using softwoods and are painted white. But building this chair in a gorgeous hardwood allows it to become a piece of art within your home. This is a terrific class for refining your woodworking skills! Students will need to pay $35 for materials at the first class session. 
Prerequisite: Woodworking I

More classes are coming... stay tuned!

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